AMP™ qPCR SMART Mix – for Probe

  • Rapid & accurate real-time quantification of target DNA
  • High specific detection using h-Taq DNA polymerase (HotStart)
  • Accurate detection of a wide range of template amounts



AMP™ Real-time qPCR SMART Mix is a ready to use quantitative PCR (qPCR) Master Mix optimized for all the probe-based assays. The kit is design to deliver reproducible and fast results that would be both highly sensistive and accurate with any sequence specific fluorogenic probe :

  • Hydrolysis probe (e.g. TaqMan®)
  • Displacement probes
  • FRET probes

The SMART mix contains the AMP h-Taq Multiplex DNA polymerase that through its HostStart characteristic prevents the occurrence of primer-dimer or non-specific primer binding.



DNA using real-time PCR.
Real-time quantification of RNA target.
High Resolution Melting (HRM) analysis.



2X Multiplex Real-Time PCR Smart mix for Probe :

  • AMP h-Taq Multiplex DNA Polymerase
  • PCR Buffer
  • dNTPs


Storage & Expiration Date

Stable for 1 year and 6 months in the case of storage at -20, or
7 days at 25℃ before activity begins to reduce.