AMP™ Real-Time PCR SMART Mix – with SYBR® Green

  • Rapid & accurate real-time quantification of your Real-Time PCR template DNA
  • Highly specific Amplification using h-Taq DNA polymerase (HotStart)
  • Accurate detection of a wide range of template amounts



AMP™ Real-Time PCR SMART Mix is an optimized system allowing the use of an Fluorescent intercalating agent in a real-time PCR amplification assay. The use of AMP™ h-Taq DNA Polymerase allows to obtain accurate and reliable results. The AMP h-Taq is an HotStart Polymerase which enables target-specific amplification, primer-dimer or non-specific binding is thus prevented.

The SYBR® Green I fluorescent dye is incoporated into the mix and used as an intercalating reagent. High resolution melting (HRM) analysis is thus applicable for genetic analysis such as SNP genotyping, mutation discovery or CpG methylation.

HLA B27 allele detection using Appolon Bioteck real-time PCR mix (with SYBR Green)

HLA B27 allele detection using SYBR Green Master mix from Leader company on the market


DNA quantification using real-time PCR.
Real-Time quantification of DNA templates.
High Resolution Melting (HRM) analysis.


Real-Time PCR SMART Mix Contents

2X Real-Time PCR Smart mix (Including SYBR® Green I in the mixture) :

  • h-Taq Hotstart Polymerase
  • PCR buffer
  • dNTPs
  • SYBR Green


Storage & Expiration Date

Stable for 6 months in the case of storage at -20°C, or
7 days at 25℃ before activity begins to reduce.