DiaPlexC™ Fungi Detection Kit (Conventional)

The DiaPlexC™ Fungi Detection Kit is designed to detect 16 species of Fungi present in cell cultures using the Multiplex PCR technology which can detect multiple specific target genes in a single PCR.

Pathogen Information

Fungi are one of the major ubiquitously found contaminants in the laboratory. It can contaminate any kind of biological related materials and spoil them. In the laboratory, cell cultures, culture media, broth, serum and plasma are all highly susceptible to the fungal contamination unless strict aseptic measures are applied. Even when excellent aseptic technique is applied, it is essential to monitor and test to confirm results are free from contamination. In the absence of antibiotics they will grow rapidly; however, if antibiotics are routinely used low levels of fungal infections may develop that might be more difficult to observe.

Detection Technology

Conventional PCR


Culture media, Suspension media, Raw material and Final material of Biopharmaceuticals.

Target Organisms

Fungi of 16 species

Analytical Sensitivity

10-103 copies


HotStart PCR System: Ultra highly-specific and sensitive results.
DnaFree™ System: No host genomic DNA contamination.
UDG System: No carryover contamination.
Multiplex PCR: Multiplex targets in a single reaction.
Reliable System: Automatic PCR control.
Easy-to-use Master Mix: Just add the template and primer.


2X Multiplex PCR Smart mix
Primer mixture
Standard marker
Control templates
Nuclease-free Water


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