DiaPlexQ™ Influenza Virus A/B Detection Kit

The DiaPlexQ™ Virus A/B Detection Kit is designed to detect influenza virus A and B using multiplex RT-PCR technology which can detect multiple specific target genes in a single PCR.

Pathogen Information
Influenza is a family of RNA enveloped viruses that affect mammals and birds. Among three types of influenza viruses A, B &C, Influenza A is the most important in human infection. Influenza is a huge public health concern that occurs in seasonal epidemics and has caused pandemic level infections.

There are three types of influenza viruses; A, B and C, in which specificity is conferred by internal nucleoprotein and matrix protein antigens. Influenza A and B are the major causative agent of human acute respiratory disease worldwide, while Influenza virus C occurs much less frequently than A and B, That is why only influenza A and B are included in seasonal influenza vaccines.

Detection Technology
Real-Time PCR.

Nasopharyngeal swab, Nasopharyngeal aspirate
Bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL)

Target Organisms
Influenza virus A
Influenza virus B

Analytical Sensitivity
10-102 copies.

HotStart PCR System: Ultra highly-specific and sensitive results.
Multiplex RT-PCR: Multiple targets in a single reaction.
Reliable System: Automatic PCR control.
Easy-to-use Master Mix: Just add the template and primer.
CE Certification.

OneStep qRT-PCR Enzyme Mix.
10X OneStep qRT-PCR Buffer.
Primer and Probe Mixture.
Control Template.
RNase-free Water.

Compatible Real-Time Thermal Cyclers
ABI 7500 ,7500 Fast
Bio Rad CFX96™

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