DAQ™ Direct Multiplex PCR Kit (for Blood)

Multiplex PCR directly from whole blood without DNA extraction
Chemical-mediated Hot start enzyme
Amplicon size : ~ 1 kb


DiaStar™ Direct Multiplex PCR Kit (for Blood) is designed to perform PCR directly (or end-point multiplex) from whole blood without prior DNA extraction. The product is based on 2X Smart mix that contains DNA polymerase, buffer and dNTP. The DNA polymerase in this mixture is a recombinant type of hot start PCR enzyme by improving A-family DNA polymerase. It has high specificity suitable for not only singleplex PCR but also multiplex PCR (maximum 20-plex). And the product minimize the reactions of PCR inhibitors in the blood so that enable to give high sensitivity and efficiency. (Enable to be amplified at maximum 1 kb with human whole blood)


– Source : A-family DNA polymerase (Recombinant)
– 5‘ → 3’ exonuclease activity : Yes
– 3‘ → 5’ exonuclease activity : No
– Amplification size : < 1 kb
– Hot start activity (Chemical-mediated hot start) : Yes
– A-tailing : Yes
– Sample (template) type : Whole blood, Dried-blood (FTA card Sample)


– Genetic testing
– Multiplex PCR
– PCR for genotyping
– TA cloning


– 2X Direct Multiplex PCR Smart mix (for Blood)
Storage & Expire Date
– -20℃ ± 5 / 18 months