DAQ™ RT Series

cDNA synthesis with high processivity and sensitivity
Optimal activity at 50 ℃(42-55℃) for great efficiency
Synthesis of long length cDNA (<14kb) from RNA


DAQ™ RT Series is a complete system for the synthesis of cDNA from RNA which uses DAQ™ RTase, a recombinant type of reverse transcriptase from M-MLV. Existing wild type of reverse transcriptase may have lower efficiency of cDNA synthesis due to its activation temperature at 42°C or below, however this mutant form has greater efficiency to inhibit RNA’s secondary structure by its thermostable characteristic at 50°C for activation. Therefore, DAQ™ RT Series in a successful system for synthesis of 1st-stranded cDNA up to 14kb from total RNA.

DAQ™ RT Kit consists of RTase, buffer (including dNTP) and DTT. DAQ™ 2X RT Pre-Mix is supplied as an easy-to-use master mix which includes an optimized mixture of RTase, RNase inhibitor, DTT and dNTP in a 0.2ml 8-strip tube.


RTase: M-MLV RTase (RTase H-).
Temperature of synthesis cDNA: 42 – 55 ℃.
Synthesis length:< 14 kb.
Synthesis primer: random primer, oligo-d(T), gene specific primer.


First-stranded cDNA synthesis.
Real-Time PCR.
Primer extension analysis.

Storage & Expiration Date

Stable for 2 years and 3 months in the case of storage at -20, or
7 days at 25℃ before activity begins to reduce.
RNase Inhibitor: 1 years and 6 months (in case of storage at -20℃)