MEAT 5.0

DNA based identification of 17 meat & 7 poultry species

  • Simple
  • PCR based macro array assay on polymer supports.


  • Robust
  • Non fluorescent detection chemistry.


  • Fast
  • 90 minutes PCR, 45 minutes array protocol.


  • Cost efficient
  • Minimal lab instrumentation required.


  • Reliable
  • Automatic, software assisted data read-out.
    Technology for your daily routine.MEAT 4.0



Product Information

Assay Principle

Using the provided primer mix, biotinylated PCR products are generated from DNA extracts of ‘Food’ preparations containing meat or milk products. The labeled amplicons are hybridized to species specific capture probes immobilized on the LCD-Chip surface. Following a short wash routine, comprising high stringency, visualization of bound amplicons is mediated by an enzyme-substrate cascade. Each LCD-Chip contains eight identical micro arrays separated in small reaction chambers which can be addressed individually.


Target Region & Sensitivity

The primer mix is directed against highly conserved motifs within the mitochondrial 16S_rRNA genes of vertebrates. Specific capture probes immobilized as duplicates permit the simultaneous detection of 24 mammal and bird species most commonly used in ‘Food’ preparations. Due to the small amplicon sizes (120 – 130 bp) the assay is also well suited for the analysis of sample material which underwent intensive processing. Depending on the starting material, additions of less than 0.5 % material from any species can be detected within a background of 99.5% material from other species.


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Parallel analysis of eight samples on one LCD-Chip. The array field spacing is compatible with standard multi pipettes.

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A: Mix of 80 % Horse, 19 % Red Deer and 1 % Chicken
B: Turkey sausage with 0.5 % Pork



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CHIP SlideReader V12

• Fully automated image analysis
• Data reports in PDF format
• Win XP & WIN7 compatible



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CHIP-Scanner PF7250u  CHIP Spin FVL2400

• Transmission light scanner
for LCD-Arrays,
• 10 µm resolution
Product Information
• Bench Top mini centrifuge
• 2400 rpm, constant
• Adaptor for LCD-Arrays

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