T-Blunt™ PCR Cloning Kit

Cloning of A-tailing & blunt end product
Cell ligation at RT in 5 minutes (using Topoisomerase I)
Viable selection system


The T-Blunt™ PCR Cloning Kit is designed to perform an easy and highly efficient cloning. Both A-tailing and blunt-end PCR products can be easily and directly inserted providing a T-blunt™ vector without additional steps. The included topoisomerase 1 enables fast ligation for 5 minutes at room temperature. The T-Blunt™ PCR Cloning Kit provides a viable selection system which is grown only in the inserted colony by automatic extinction of the self-ligated clone due to the ccdB gene of the T-Blunt™ vector.


Blunt end fragment cloning.
A-tail fragment cloning.


T-Blunt Vector.
6X T-Blunt buffer.
M13 (-20) F / R primer (10 pmole/㎕).
Control insert (880 bp) (20 ng/㎕).

Map of T-Blunt vector

12 ÇØ¿Ü Ä«´Ù·Î±× ³»Áö_¶Ç´Ù½Ã


Map of T-Blunt vector (MCS region)

12 ÇØ¿Ü Ä«´Ù·Î±× ³»Áö_¶Ç´Ù½Ã

Storage & Expiration Date

Stable for 6 months in the case of storage at -20, or
7 days at 25℃ before activity begins to reduce.